Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dealing with yourself first

To find the best relationship you imagine begins with the relationship you have with yourself.  First question to ask the self is this, Would I want to be in a relationship with me? Consider deeply this answer because whoever you are that is what you get. It doesn't get any better than that dealing with the love that you are will lead you to the love you desire.


  1. Charm I so do agree with you. I am a very impetuous person and so whenever i get angry i say and do things that i really don't my moment of reflection when i reflect on what i said i really hate myself after the fact. This is something i have to work on.If i don't i will really start not liking myself. And what's really funny is that i don't like people who do these same actions

  2. I understand perfectly Jacquie. To avoid the regrettable - I think very carefully about what comes out of my mouth - and I write it out on paper just to express the anger that really needs to be extinguished. Think first, speak last - and think about it again. Because it's not what we eat that defiles us. It's what comes out of our mouths.